Our Beginnings


our Beginnings

Chef Nina G. serves as the Executive Chef of LoveLustFood and began her cooking journey at age 10 and professionally started cooking at age 30. Serving honorably in the U.S. Navy from 2001 to 2011 Chef Nina's drive to be the best stems from her military service experience. "Although I am no longer in the military, I serve my local community in another similarly significant way, through safe, healthy, custom, meal prep options. With the increase in unsafe meal prep companies emerging in the market, I seem to be fighting a different enemy, keeping my clients safe and healthy through custom options," said Chef Nina.

While establishing LoveLustFood, Chef Nina and her team discovered a lack of safe, healthy, and custom meal prep solutions serving the Northeast Florida region. With that in mind, Nina's staff set out to provide an always fresh never frozen meal prep solution meticulously prepared by Serve Safe Food Protection Managers, Instructors, and Proctors. 

A regular weekly contributor to the Veterans Health Minute on the Buzz Magazine, Chef Nina's knowledge of nutrition and health alternatives help thousands of veterans make better food choices weekly. Chef Nina also contributes to Florida.com, webuyblack.com, and Buzzfeed among other major publications. Philanthropy is also the main driving force behind Chef Nina's LoveLustFood. Every month her company prepares healthy meals for hundreds of veterans at the veterans hospital in Jacksonville Florida. 

When Chef Nina is not developing new Vegan Dressing flavors, she is spending time with her three children and teaching entrepreneurs how to use digital marketing to grow their businesses.