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Thanks for Cooking with US!

If you don’t know us, we are Raheed and Nina. We are freshly new to this marriage thing but we are having fun cooking through everything. Celebrity Chef Nina brings you old and new recipes with her twist. While Raheed often times has no idea what she is talking about but so ready to devour each dish. We are the Bryants!!!

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Vegan Meatloaf | Mashed Turnips | Roasted Green Beans

American Meatloaf started during the colonial times in the Pennsylvania area. Apparently it is the cousin to the Dutch meatball. American meatloaf is derived from scrabble, ground pork and a bit of cornbread or cornmeal. And then if you want to go back even further, in the Roman days it was a celebrated dish serviced with wine and bread.

By popular demand, we have decided to create a vegan version of this American Classic. With more health conscious individuals, we want to make sure that we include our Vegan friends as well.