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We would love to have you as a guest on our show. Whether in our studios or virtually - we take typical cooking shows to the next level.     (numbers are from September 2018)

The Watchers 

A lot of people are interested in changing their lifestyle specifically when it comes to their food. We are here to help that do that. With ingredients they can actually find, recipes that aren't over complicated and different variations of dishes that we make healthier.  And because we also do business highlights, this gives them a peak into businesses that they would probably never think to purchase from. 

This show is for the busy Gen-X/Millennial who really doesn't want to choose fast food, tends to use social media to communicate and is too busy to look up recipes on Pinterest. It's for someone with an active lifestyle, with or without children, but also wants to change they way that they eat.  

What's In It For You?

  • Your products are featured on the show (you must be able to provide us sample products to either have on the set or use when cooking one of our recipes).

  • You receive a sponsored ad for the show that reaches out to both of our target markets

  • Interview will be on the Chef Nina Facebook page & Youtube.

  • Live interview with Chef Nina whether via FBLive or in the studio.

  • Interview is transposed for Grind & Grace: The Podcast.

Previous and Future Guests

The Investment $289.00 or Custom Affiliate Program

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